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Portable Neck Massager

Portable Neck Massager

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Physion Portable Neck Massager

As comfortable as a hot towel, our portable neck massager is the best choice for you after a long tiring day of work. Our portable neck massager uses the pulsed current to increase blood circulation to reduce shoulder and neck pain. And is also good for headaches caused by long-term work. So, there will be a slight feeling of current.
Our portable neck massager has a built-in heating function. It constantly gives a temperature of 107.6°F which is a warm compression technique. Feel just like a hot towel. It has a built-in sensor and a program that can control the temperature accurately and avoid excessive heat.

Includes a remote control for the ease of use.


1. It uses low-cycle pulse technology.
2. The massager penetrates 3-5 centimeters below the skin to relieve pain points and meridians.
3. Gives relief to cervical spine pain.
4. The constant temperature of 42℃ (107.6°F) compress can help you relax blood vessels, and relax bones, and muscle. It accelerates blood circulation.
5. It has 3 massage modes with 15-step strength adjustment, Acupuncture and moxibustion mode, beating mode, and massage mode.
6. It has a feature that turns off after a regular interval of 15 mins.
If you have a metal pacemaker or implants, we don’t recommend you to have this massager because it may disrupt the operation of the metal implants. Please remove your necklace before use. Before using read the manual carefully.

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