Physion Massage Gun Buying Guide

Physion Massage Gun Buying Guide

Physion Massage Gun

Meet the most powerful & portable massage gun for your muscle soreness and relaxation. Athletes around the world trust our brand and product. Let's take a look at what a massage gun is and what we have to offer.

What is a massage gun and why use it?

Massage guns are also referred to as vibration therapy or percussive massage treatment. They are portable and handheld devices that look like drill machines. Most of the massage guns available in the market are wireless. Most use rechargeable batteries and some of them come with interchangeable attachments.

When the massage gun is turned on and placed on your muscles, you feel strong vibration which helps in the recovery of muscle soreness from a heavy workout and improves the overall performance.

You can use a massage gun whenever you are in need of recovering some muscle tension. But it will provide the best result in reducing muscle soreness after a heavy workout session.

Massage guns can help reduce tension in the muscle, reduce muscle stiffness, increase flexibility, increase blood flow and decrease muscle soreness.

How to Use Our Physion Massage Gun?

You can use our physion massage gun whenever you want to relieve muscle tension. But its most commonly used before and after workouts. The best recommendation is to use the massage gun within 48 hours following a workout.

To use the gun effectively and to get the best result, find an area on your body that feels tight and start moving the gun over that muscle. Add some pressure but not aggressively. Stay in one spot for up to 15 seconds and then move to other areas.

Stay away from bones. And if you have an injury check with a physical therapist.

If you feel sorer after using a massage gun, you have pushed too hard or you used it for too long.


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