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Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

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The Electric Automation shaker bottle is an all-in-one, portable mixing cup that provides all the tools you need to mix your favorite drink.  Our Electric Automation Shaker Bottles mix your powder into your water at the perfect time and with the perfect amount of agitation for a protein shake, protein coffee, or any other beverage. The battery-powered mixer will mix whatever you put inside--even milk! Mix up your drink in no time with our Electric Automation shaker bottles. This Electric Automation Shaker Bottle is made out of BPA-free material and it's leak proof so you are sure that your drinks are safe wherever you will go.

• Sure Lock Top cover.
• Unique shaker propeller for drink potency.
• Removable parts for easy cleaning.
• Press and drink.
• Leak Proof Lid.

  • Efficient Mixing Mechanism: Physion electric protein shaker bottles are unique among shaker bottles with the way they have an inbuilt battery-operated blender insider them. The extra strong mixing function will ensure that all powdered additions are mixed up smoothly and completely–no need to worry about lumps not dissolving in those drinks anymore. Electric protein shaker bottle only take about 15 seconds to get perfectly blended, which means you have less continuous shaking to do and get smoother shake
  • Powerful-Motor and Super-Battery: Our shaker used a new 2.0 version of the vortex mixer with an upgraded motor unit for more powerful mixing. Our motor are a more efficient motor. thanks to innovative cool-flow technology, which prepares lump-free protein shakes within seconds. The battery has a high capacity, which is three that of most products on the market. When physion electric protein shaker bottle once fully charged, you can use it for 15 days(based on a three times a week usage pattern)
  • Upgraded Material & Easy to Clean: Bottle cup body Is made of food-grade 100% Tritan material, BPA-Free. Tritan gives you the transparency of glass and the lightness of plastic, which is shatter-proof and odor-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about any lingering smells. Our protein shaker is easy to clean, which is to add water and detergent into the electric protein shake cup and press the on/off button. After a few seconds, rinse the vortex shaker and it will be thoroughly cleaned done
  • Amazing Gift for Fitness Enthusiasts: Physion electric shaker bottle is the first choice gadgets gift for fitness enthusiasts on Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more. Physion electric protein shaker bottle helps him to get work done more easily, faster and more comfortable. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about electric shaker bottle. After purchasing our products, you can enjoy a 180-day return service and a 365-day warranty
  • Friendly Worry-Free Satisfied Warranty: Electric protein shaker bottle is of high quality, which can long-term high-intensity use. We are striving to provide a high-quality shaker bottle and excellent customer service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about electric protein shaker bottle.
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Why the LED face mask?

Our led face mask is getting popular day by day around the globe. Soothes the symptoms of the sensitive skin, reduces the size of the broken capillaries. Reduces the redness and gives you a balanced skin tone.

Red Light Therapy Mask.

Our red light therapy mask increases elastin production in your skin and supports collagen. This makes it an excellent solution for anti-ageing. It helps to smooth skin texture, improve skin laxity, boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and superficial hyperpigmentation. Additionally, it is an excellent treatment for those with sensitive skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

Micro Current

Our LED face mask features microcurrent points that mimic the electrical impulses sent from your brain to your skin cells, promoting growth and repair. These low-level waveforms align with the body’s natural electrical currents, effectively stimulating collagen production and cell regeneration.

How it works?

This LED face mask treatment works on the skin at the cellular level and targets variety of skin issues like ageing, acne and pigmentation. Giving you a flawless skin from the inside out rather than  trying on skincare that work from outside.

  • SPA quality treatment at home:

    Make your skin better in the comfort of your home. Our LED face mask helps you to treat a lot of skin problems.

  • Blue Light Therapy.

    It has been proven to kill bacteria on the skin, helping to reduce breakouts caused by inflammation or hormones. It targets active pimples and blemishes, leading to clearer skin and balanced oil production. This is great for acne-prone skin, skin with frequent breakouts, after extractions, and teenage skin.

  • Near LEDs.

    A study by Wunch (2014) on the effects of near-infrared LED light found that it effectively reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and skin roughness while increasing collagen density within the skin. The results showed that LED face mask is both effective and safe for skin rejuvenation compared to controls.

More to know about LED face mask.

There are four factors that determine the effectiveness of an LED mask: power, precision, coverage, and duration.

Power:  This refers to the amount of light emitted by each bulb, which determines how much energy reaches the skin. Too much energy can damage skin cells.

Precision:  The wavelength of light needs to be exact to effectively stimulate cellular rejuvenation. Different skin issues respond to different wavelengths (seen as colors), so each wavelength must be precise.

Coverage:  This measures how much of the skin is exposed to LED light during treatment. Optimal coverage ensures even light distribution across the entire surface of the skin.

Duration: This factor is based on the combination of power, coverage, and precision. If the treatment time is too short with low power, it won’t be effective. If it’s too long with high power, it could harm the skin.

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Thank you very much. The product was very good


Everything is super, thanks, it's been almost a month


Glass glass. Powered by batteries. Super


The device fits perfectly the specifications and works well.


Same as in the photo good quality very happy